Proposal Discussion - TomoChain Name Service Project


TomoChain Name Service
On the TomoChain, thousands of transactions are submitted every day, and some features like the NFT marketplace make it more than ever before. Obviously current wallet addresses are not memorizable and not even friendly. So to facilitate transactions on such a high transaction network we need readable and usable addresses.

TomoChain Name Service helps users to have their transactions easier than ever via transforming long and unreadable addresses into a unique on-chain profile with the .tomo domain.

TomoChain Name Service:

  • Contributes to the culture and engagement of TomoChain by making the platform easy to use.
  • Appropriate website to register and sell .tomo domains.
  • Resolver and registrar to attach the TomoChain wallet address to a .tomo domain.
  • Integration with NFT’s marketplace(s) for trading domains as collections.


  • Users can buy and sell .tomo domains through appropriate websites and clear step-by-step tutorials.
  • Users can see the domain name and actual addresses in their wallets via the resolver service.
  • Users can use their domains as collections inside NFT’s marketplaces


  1. Launch the TomoChain Name Service on the test net (Q2 2022)
  2. Launch the first version of the main net (Q2 2022)
  3. Integrate with NFT marketplace (Q3 2022)
    Realistic estimation based on team experience.

Funding Request
We are asking for $8k (7500 TOMO) to aid the developers and implement our first main net version. We believe our project will sustain itself with the passion that we have for TomoChain and a successful launch.

Core Team

  • Mohammad Moozeh: Lead, Manager
  • Milad Nekooei: Blockchain Developer
  • Amir: Web3 Developer

Its nice the only problem is the cost price :slight_smile:


Thank you for your comment. Can I ask why?

There is one reason: to keep it cheap :crazy_face:


Think about the long-term effect besides that, 3 senior developers for two quarters! honestly, that money just keeps us alive. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your comment.


Okey okey it is fair :kissing_heart:


I liked the idea, esp your phase 3 amuses me.
I hope to see it done.