Proposal Discussion - OuterOrbit NFT Marketplace

OuterOrbit NFT Marketplace: Funding Proposal


As we all know, the Tomo blockchain is a great technological foundation for a budding ecosystem of dApps, products, experiences, and innovation. The ecosystem is ripe for new participants, liquidity, development, and culture. We believe having a high quality NFT marketplace native to the Tomochain is not only beneficial to these aims, but of a high priority.

After the success of the TomoPunks NFT project, it is clear to us that there is both a demand for NFTs on Tomochain and an opportunity to leverage the unique aspects of Tomochain to create innovative and high quality user experience in the NFT sector and beyond.

The OuterOrbit NFT Marketplace:

  • A Tomochain-first marketplace - “The frontier of NFTs”
  • Contributes to Tomochain culture & engagement
  • Attracts new users and liquidity to Tomochain through quality, curated projects and minising the harmful aspects of the space (scams, spam, rugpulls, etc.)
  • Establishes efficient UX for migrating users to Tomo ecosystem from other blockchains
  • Allows for individuals & teams to buy, sell, create, and trade NFTs on Tomochain.
  • Effectively demonstrates Tomochain’s speed, efficiency, and bespoke features.


Development of a fully-fledged NFT marketplace for the Tomochain ecosystem

  • Trading

  • Users can buy & sell NFTs on the primary and secondary market

  • Users can see project statistics, rarity metrics, and explore using filter, tags, and other search features.

  • Minting

    • Users can apply to gain access to minting features
      • Acceptance is not overly exclusive- this is merely to provide a quality control and weed out scams and spam that seek to profit off of Tomochain’s extremely cheap development costs through damaging means.
      • Minters can mint 1/1 NFTs as well as larger collections and coordinated Minting Events, or “Drops”.
      • Minters can write their media directly into the metadata and host the projects entirely on-chain.
      • Minters can access all the features they are currently familiar with on other NFT platforms such as royalties, unlockable content, unique trait indexing, etc.
  • Social Engagement

    • OuterOrbit includes the ability to follow creators and few NFT content in a “Feed” style format
    • Users can engage with posts by liking, commenting, sharing, and favoriting.
    • Users can integrate unique Usernames through a Tomochain Name Service (either developed internally or utilising a third-party integration).
  • Integrated Tomochain token bridge

    • Users can interact with the Outer Orbit platform using TOMO or utilise the existing Tomochain bridge to wrap their Ether and use it on the platform.
    • Creates an incentive and simple user-experience for Ethereum users to easily onboard and participate with OuterOrbit as well as the larger Tomochain ecosystem.

Team Milestones Accomplished:

  • Developed, launched, and & sold out 10,000 TomoPunks at
  • Created a TomoPunks NFT Community Discord of ~450 members
  • Created Outer Orbit NFT Marketplace Brand Identity
  • UI/UX designs for OuterOrbit Website
  • Implemented front-end for displaying collections, buying, selling, profiles, etc.
  • Implemented smart contracts and API for collection data retrieval

Existing Project Roadmap

January 2022:

  • Continue development of v1 front-end interface
  • Development of business model & marketing strategies
  • Testnet beta release of marketplace website

February 2022

  • OuterOribt V1 release

  • Marketing begins

  • Writing of Medium articles & How-To Documentation

  • Outreach to artists and teams to create NFT content on the platform

  • Development of V2 features

  • Social media style engagement (likes, comments, share, etc.)

  • Tomochain bridge integration and support for Tomo-wrapped assets.

  • Integrating a Tomo Name Service into user profiles

Funding Request:

We are asking for $10k to aid the development and marketing of OuterOrbit NFT Marketplace.

While the success of the TomoPunks project has given us a good start on the project, additional funding is crucial to ensure proper resources and attention can go into proper marketing and developing innovative features.

Core Team:

@ Badfunc - Lead Developer

@ Von - Branding/UX

@ Ses - Backend Developer

@ AdamM - Marketing/Outreach


What is your marketing plan?