Proposal Discussion - Tezuka : NFT LaunchPad

This is the Draft!

We are requesting funds to create Tezuka NFT Launchpad on Tomochain.

Tezuka : NFT LaunchPad


The TomoChain blockchain and product ecosystem allows entrepreneurs, enterprises, and institutions to build high-performance, and feature-rich blockchain projects on an enhanced EVM-compatible platform. An array of original features and protocols, designed to support users’ speed, privacy, usability, and liquidity needs all in one platform.

We believe having a high quality NFT solution such as native NFT launchpad that is attached to a native Tomo Marketplace to the Tomochain will help the ecosystem thrive in terms of number of transactions and TVL.

After the success of early NFT projects on TOMOCHAIN (TomoPunks , TomoMees) We have decided that we should provide a solution to intensify the process of launching NFT projects without letting artists worry about the technical side and even Marketing side of it. We’re proposing to launch a NFT launchpad that is attached to a NFT marketplace .

Tezuka : NFT LaunchPad : Phase 1
Public Launch Pad

A Tomochain-first NFT LaunchPad

Increasing TVL , Liquidity and number of transactions on TomoChain.
Attracting new users to Tomochain through curated NFT project on Tezuka LaunchPad Through participating on Lazy Minting.
Users can submit their request to launch their own NFT project with Tezuka
Effectively demonstrates Tomochain’s speed, efficiency, and bespoke features.


Tezuka : Phase 2
Launching NFT projects on Launchpad

We do the tests and provide assurance of the capacity of the platform by launching our own 3 NFT with Original Arts.

For TOMOCHAIN loyal Fans : We launch our airdrop program to provide awards for active Tomo Community members and TomoMasterDao Community members.
We do launch these NFT projects to attract other communities to TomoChain and Also provide the fundamentals needed for our marketplace and make them tradable at the next phase.

Tezuka : Phase 3

Development of a fully functional NFT marketplace on TOMOCHAIN

Allows Users to buy, sell, create, and trade NFTs on TOMOCHAIN

Accessing project statistics, rarity metrics, attribution metrics , and explore using filters, tags, and other search features.

Minters can mint NFTs as well as larger collections and coordinated Minting Events, or “AirDrops”.

Minters can write their media directly into the metadata and host the projects entirely on-chain

Milestones & Accomplishments

User Interface & Experience

Smart contracts

IPFS Storage & APIs

Web3 Integration

Beta Testing


Brand Identity & Marketing

Project Roadmap

TomoCoolCats project - May 2022

  • 9999 Unique NFTs on TomoChain, launched now

Tezuka NFT LaunchPad Development - August 2022

  • Platform’s Wireframe
  • Data flow design
  • UI/UX Implement
  • Smart contracts and APIs Development
  • NFT LaunchPad development (MVP) - create collections, profiles, buying, selling, etc

Tezuka V 0.1 release - September 2022

  • How to Documentations
  • Reaching to artists and teams to sell their NFTs here
  • Integrating a Tomo Name Service into user profiles

Funding Request

We are asking for 12k Tomo in 2 installments to aid the development and marketing of Tezuka NFT LaunchPad.

First installment (50%) at the time of proposal acceptance and 2nd installment (50%) after the Tezuka NFT LaunchPad Development finished and was delivered.

We have had a great experience using our own launchpad for the TomoCoolCats project as we have attracted so many by free minting at the start of the project .

Additional funding is Critical to help us properly to have proper marketing and developing innovative features.

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Did you consider the current market situation while you are asking 12k TOMO? So is this budget will be ok for you even the price drop more? I mean, 12k TOMO equals $7,200 atm, so is it ok?

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Thank you for asking, At first we asked for 12K Tomo when price of Tomo was around 1$. It’s not all we asked but in this situation and limited budget of TomoMasterDao, We want to contribute and do our part on Tomochain. If we get the positive vote of community we’ll make sure to deliver the project to the community, No matter what happens with the market and the price of Tomo.

Don’t forget about the positive side of being in a bear market. We have to build to take benefit in bullmarket.