Proposal Discussion - Tomochain Name service

This is Draft!

We are requesting funds to create TomoChain’s first Name Service.

TomoChain Name Service
When transacting on TomoChain, users normally interact with wallet addresses—long strings of alphanumeric characters that are unreadable and almost impossible to remember.

Similar to the way web users replace numerical IP addresses by registering domain names through the Domain Name Service (DNS), blockchain users can transform long and unreadable TomoChain addresses to a unique on-chain profile with .tomo domain.


  • Create And Sale .tomo domains. including Website and UI, UX Designs and Docs.
  • Create Resolver and Registrar for attach TomoChain Wallete Address to a .tomo Domain.
  • Integrate with NFT market place(s) for trading domain(s) as NFT collection(s).
  • Create DAO

Funding Request
We would like to ask for $10k to build our first Main Net version. After that successful launch, we believe our project will sustain itself.


  1. build and launch TomoChain Name Service on Test Net (Q2 2022)
  2. Launch first version of Main Net (Q3 2022)
  3. Integrate with NFT market place (Q4 2022)
  4. DAO (Q2 2023)

Core Team

  • Mehdi Moozeh: Lead, Manager
  • Milad Nekooei: Blockchain Developer
  • _ : Front End developer (we are looking for someone to help us at this role)

That’s nice idea.
Every blockchain needs this feature for performing better and safer transactions

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