[Media coverage] TomoChain Partners with Vietnam’s Ministry of Education to Secure Millions of Diplomas on the Blockchain

Yesterday was a remarkable milestone for TomoChain’s development road of mass adoption and use in particular and blockchain space worldwide in general as TomoChain is selected as a strategic partner with Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training to architect, develop, and utilize a National Qualifications Archive (NQA) system that will secure recognized diplomas and certificates on the TomoChain Public Blockchain.

Below is a full media list which covered the news, including foreign and Vietnamese press. Let’s raise the toast for our shared success!

International media:

Vietnamese media:

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This is great (!!!) news but concerning media coverage I think there is a lot of potential. Being published on news pages that post 20+ articles per day will get you almost no reach because no one ever checks all the articles on these pages. It’s just the name you are getting (Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance…). I would really like to know how many unique visitors these articles get and how many of them are not from Tomo community members. My guess is that this number is very little. We need to reach people outside of our community.

I would prefer influencers, podcasts (unchained…) etc. or rather news platforms that aren’t crypto related at all.


Hey, thanks for the suggestions, appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion.

Cointelegraph, CoinDesk, AMB Crypto,… are reputable blockchain news media.

Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance, Investing.com are also big names when it comes to economics in general, meaning audiences come from many other background and are interested in many other factors outside of blockchain. Thus, this would be the chance for them to ease into blockchain, and at the same time, find the connection between the traditional economy system.

I think both kinds of media is a good way to get exposure. Regarding the exact number of readers, only the media platforms can give you a detailed information.

But regardless, we sure hope in the future, when blockchain has been widely adopted, more influencers and traditional podcast will have more features on this kind of technology.