TomoChain July Recap 2021

This month, TomoChain put a special focus on partnerships and listings that makes #TOMO and #LUA stands out among the blockchain realm. Before heading into August, let’s take a look at July’s milestones at #TomoChain!

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  1. TomoChain has finished with the implementation of the National Archive Qualification system, the very first project of any ministry in Vietnam adopting blockchain technology. Millions of national diplomas are now secured on the TomoChain public blockchain in the systematic process, which is well-illustrated here.

  2. TomoChain made an early-stage strategic investment in Rikkei Finance, a unique Open Lending System with core features of Cross-chain support, NFTs collateralization, and Insurance. Understanding its potential with the competitive advantages in the market, TomoChain hopes to contribute to Rikkei’s development with co-marketing solutions, collaboration strategies, and more.

  3. $TOMO is officially listed on Tokocrypto, the first Indonesian cryptocurrency exchange, with pairs of BUSD and USDT. Following this listing, both parties held an exclusive AMA event on each other’s channel to promote TomoChain and Tokocrypto to the community, stating the benefits users can take advantage of through this collaboration.

  4. Alongside Tokocrypto, $TOMO is also available to trade on CryptoHero with the pair of $TOMO/$USDT and on Raydium to experience Trading, Swapping, and Adding Liquidity services with the pairs of $TOMO/$USDT, $TOMO/$USDC and $TOMO/$SRM.

  5. Two new partnerships were officially formed last month including with Bidaochain and MantraDAO.

  • $TOMO token will be used as a collateral to generate $BAI on BidaoChain’s chain-agnostic stablecoin ecosystem.

  • $TOMO validator node will be launched on MantraDAO to serve $TOMO holders more rewards in both $TOMO and $OM.

  1. With the NFT bursting trend, TomoChain joined Game-2-Blockchain to offer essential consultancy for emerging NFT projects, along with other experts from Axie Infinity and Kyber network. Registration is open till August 10, 2021.

  2. Full persistence and effort always result in glorious success! TomoChain’s Twitter has just surpassed 50,000 followers, with the endless support from our beloved community. Make sure you hit the “Follow" button to never miss out on the latest updates from us!

  3. TomoChain experts attended the “Blockchain Math & Computing” Course organized by the Vietnamese Institute for Advanced Study Mathematics. With expertise in the blockchain field, TOMO team shared not only the practical knowledge related to blockchain technology but also guided students on how to build a simple Dapp.

  4. Last month was filled with coverage of TomoChain on multiple blockchain tracking platforms including LunarCrush and Crypto Differ. You also check TomoChain on LunarCrush’s top social ranking list!

  5. TomoChain’s expansion is made possible with the invasion of new Dapps coming in. is a decentralized gambling protocol that has recently been built on the TomoChain blockchain. $TOMO and $LUA are all accepted as playing method.

  6. More use cases for $TOMOE holders as $TOMOE has been whitelisted by the BancorDAO. LPs can now stake $TOMOE with single-token exposure and impermanent loss protection while earning swap fees in $TOMOE.

  7. Bring your assets from the #Ethereum to the #TomoChain network in a blink of an eye with the fee paid in $ETH at the real-time price. We’ve got you covered with the detailed steps!

  8. TomoChain’s CEO, Long Vuong, attended Tokocrypto’s 2021 TKO Summit as a guest panelist in the Asia’s crypto outlook session on July 24, 2021.

  9. It’s an honor for TomoChain to be featured on KuCoin 60s Crypto Gem in the topic of “Solution for Mass Adoption of DLT in Public Sectors”, covering not only the overview of TomoChain but also specifically our recent national diploma project for MOET.


  1. To celebrate the upgrades of TomoBridge’s UI and LuaSwap’s Limit Order, TomoChain runs a super “RAD” (wrap & trade) campaign with a total prize of 22,000 LUA to be won. You still have time to join us ‘till July 21st, 2021.

  2. More than half of a year has gone by, LuaSwap has been growing steadily with the tremendous expansion in not only products but also integrations. Let’s look forward to Q3 and Q4 for a longer list of collaborations and partnerships as well as more decent features to come.

  3. LuaSwap catches up with the MEME token boom by listing $MM (Million Token) and $SHARK (ToshiSharks Token) under the trading pairs of $MM/ $TOMO and $SHARK/ $TOMO. Visit LuaSwap Info to start trading on these pools to earn some more rewards!