Proposal Discussion: Crystl Finance - Yield Maximization

Our proposal is to launch Vaults on TomoChain in order to help projects and users maximize their earnings.

What Is Crystl Finance?
Crystl Finance is a Yield Maximizer & Vaulting Platform on the Cronos, Polygon (Matic), and BNB blockchains. We offer Vaulting as a Service to DeFi and Blockchain projects as well as users in order to help them maximize their liquidity and earnings. Crystl Finance is listed on the Crypto .com DeFi Wallet app and we have partnered with multiple large partners including ApeSwap and Relay Chain to provide Vaults and build liquidity and we plan to do the same with the leading projects on TomoChain.

How It WIll Benefit Tomo Ecosystem

Crystl Finance will bring new users and continued marketing to the TomoChain Ecosystem. We have had over 180,000 site users in the past 3 months, and over 25,000 community members across our social media sites. These numbers will increase even further as we expand to multiple new blockchains. We will heavily market both the launch and all partnerships and updates we have on TomoChain in order to bring as many new users as possible.

We have released our own unique Vaulting and Yield Maximizing Strategies through our V3 Vaults and Ultra Farms which have been fully audited (link to audit: V3 Vault Audit by HashEx - CRYSTL Finance). With V3, we are able to streamline the user experience with our Zap Functionality which allows users to go from a single token to an LP deposited in the Vault in one transaction. We can also “Boost” our Vaults with additional rewards in order to build greater liquidity and attract new users. These will also allow further maximization of liquidity on TomoChain as well as reduce sell pressure on projects’ tokens which will help native token prices increase overtime.

Milestone 1: Launch Vaults on TomoChain Chain

  • Duration (weeks): 2 weeks
  • Deliverables (make sure they can be easily verified): Launch and Deploy 10 Vaults
  • Funds request (USD): 5,000 USD and TomoChain Marketing Support

Milestone 2: Launch V3 Vaults and Ultra Farms on TomoChain Chain

  • Duration (weeks): 4-6 weeks
  • Deliverables (make sure they can be easily verified): Deploy V3 Vaults & Ultra Farms Contracts on TomoChain and set them up for largest projects to help support and remove sell pressure.
  • Funds request (USD): 5,000 USD

Funding Request
We are asking for $10K in $TOMO in 2 installments. $5K for our initial launch to cover deployment and expansion costs, and $5K once we are able to launch our V3 Vaults and Ultra Farms.

Website Link

Hey can you send me a message on telegram - @lakrisen. Then we can set up a discussion with the board to discuss this further.