Gao Finance - Yield Farming on Tomo

Hey all,

We are happy to announce Gao Finance - a Beefy Finance fork for yield farming on TomoChain.

Our goal is to support upcoming LuaStarter projects; the first two vaults are auto-compounding LuaSwap DualFarm:


Increase your yields without any work - put funds in our vaults, and we will take care of the rest.

We are looking forward to help grow the TomoChain ecosystem and be a part of this amazing journey.

Find us at :rice: :ear_of_rice:

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Thanks! We will do our best to help out the ecosystem.

We currently work on getting our contracts verified and support BSC, so we can have vaults for IDO projects on LuaStarter - even if they don’t build on TomoChain itself (Blue Horizon comes to mind as an example) :ear_of_rice:

What are the advantages or disadvantages to using your vault as to providing LP in luaswap?

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It auto compounds multiple times a day; it will harvest the rewards and convert it into more LPs for you. Your total number of LPs will grow every day.


  • No extra work, just supply LP and enjoy APY instead of APR
  • If fees increase on TomoChain, you will not pay the transaction fee of compounding manually, since it is shared with all vault users. This is not relevant right now as transaction costs are near zero.


  • If you compound yourself every day, you will (for now) be better off doing that, since we have a small performance fee that go to our treasury address.
  • Recently TomoMasterDao and LuaSwap added incentives to DualFarm (i.e. Luastarter lua staking power and tDAO voting power). Those does not work for our vaults at the moment, but we will try to see if that is something we can work with relevant teams to add.
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Il faut absolument que vous fassiez plus pour le staking de LUA !

6% = catastrophique :frowning:

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