Should TomoIssuer add an anti-duplication system?

At this screen, should TomoChain team add an anti-duplication tool?

This will make sure things like below will never happen again:

As you can see, there are USDT and (even) TOMO in TRC21 Token list. Check them out:


@g0dzilla You have a point, it would be good to prevent scams and confusion. But I see one potential problem, scammers could potentially issue every popular token first, effectively blocking any real token to be issued as TRC21 on TomoChain. I think that maybe the solution could be a clear “Validated” ticker/tag/label that shows that a token is verified. Maybe this validation process could also be decentralized, perhaps by a future Masternode Council, or by TomoChain Pte Ltd in the meantime?

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Yes. The ‘Validated’ tag could be a good solution. And I think TomoChain team should be the one who run this validation process, as your proposal.

I was enjoying Pantograph when someone used USDT as a airdrop gift in the app. Many people were very annoyed with that fake USDT and that’s why I create this discussion.

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Sold some tomo on dex and I got usdt token with a yellow tick. I think they validated main tokens


Thank you for the suggestion. Currently, we use the blue tick for the tokens that is verified by the team.