Got scammed?

What are verified contracts?

BTCToken (0xc7ea18936b85a68917d36a2a891b5b357ca75e30) is scam?

Why is in this list? I lost money because of that?

H JustinYan, kindly review blocking people from creating scam tokens and not allowing them to be called Bitcoin BTC on Tomochain when they are not


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Understood on your restrictions, I think there’s an opportunity here though for Tomochain to differentiate and help stop scammers where tomochain can.

Open to hearing other suggestions from admins such as yourself how the fake contracts can be flagged (maybe user comment field) or blocked from creation.

And you will call it decentralized ?

Why is listed as a verified contract in your explorer?
And why your wallet gives it the value in usd like a real btc? You made me lose 1 btc

JustinYan, I would have to agree with previous poster that since it’s listed as a Tomochain contract it looks legit.

Tomo team can definitely step up here and differentiate themselves from other block chains/networks/teams.

Kindly review options to do the right thing here and help prevent spammers.

As ex. Here is where the contract looks verified with green check. Very misleading

It is not about being verified contract, it is about verified token. Source code verify doesn’t mean it is official token. Contract verify means, owner of contract is public source code on tomoscan.

See the difference.

That’s not clear to me or the general public. My point of reference is tomoscan, which seems to show the fake BTC as verified. See the confusion here?

At any rate, not for you to solve. This is an opportunity for Tomo team to step up.

My answer is from tomoscan and i explained you verifying a contract doesn’t mean verified token/coin.

Please do your critizism with knowledge.

Hi Justin, appreciate your feedback. I’m not sure what the reluctance is here though. From a user perspective there’s only a few contracts people spam and try to take advantage of others with Bitcoin BTC is one of them.

In this scenario someone is clearly mimicking Bitcoin BTC— the request from Tomo community seems to be for this one contract Tomo devs own up to safeguarding Tomo community and not allow someone to mimic the Bitcoin BTC contract.

Unless I’m missing something here, happy to connect live as well.


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the wallet is valuing a fake token like real btc , FIX THAT AND STOP TALKING


Hi @JustinYan @LongVuong, I hope all is well. If not too much trouble can the Tomo team kindly look into the issue that the fake BTC coins are getting the actual BTC price?

Kindly see image attached — user submitted this in the Tomo telegram channel.


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Hi there,

This BTC image you shared is fake. The correct one will have a green tick on it.

photo_2021-03-10 10.27.43

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Not sure what you’re referring to. That’s not the image I shared.

Hi @JustinYan, following up if you saw the fake btc price issue. I’m available in telegram as well. I think we may have a chat going already?

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