TomoBridge: Migrating TRC21 wrapped ETH to TRC20 wrapped ETH (tETH)

To facilitate upcoming smart contract integrations and upgrades, TomoBridge is migrating TRC21 wrapped ETH to TRC20 wrapped ETH (called tETH). Please follow this migration tool to migrate your TRC21 ETH. An equivalent amount of tETH will be automatically sent to your wallet within 24 hours after you complete the migration steps.

There is no risk if you need more time to migrate, however TRC21 ETH is no longer supported on TomoBridge.

Note: Authentic tETH contract address: 0xA1Ff8559646a79e47ECDfaCA60272F3081998569

If you are currently farming/providing liquidity for any of TRC21ETH pools on LuaSwap, here’s how to proceed further.

Step 1: Unstake your LP token from the TRC21 ETH pools, if you are farming (Guide)

Step 2: Remove liquidity from all TRC21 ETH pools. (Guide)

Step 3: Migrate your TRC21 ETH to tETH (migration tool)

Step 4: Add liquidity to tETH pools on LuaSwap (Guide).

A list of new tETH pools can be found here.

Please fill up this support form if you have any issue with the migration.