TomoBridge transaction taking too long

I am using TomoBridge for a few days and every time is working smoothly. But now I sent ETH half an hour ago and still transaction does not passing through the bridge…

And yes I doubled-checked contracts, accounts, etherscan tx confirmed etc. Any ideas why this is taking so long ?


1h and 41 min and still the transaction hasn’t passed…

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Continuing talking to myself here, just for reference I suppose…

Anyways I can see my ETH in my deposit address but the bridge is ignoring - or dead? - that transaction for several hours…

Now I just have to wait and see when the team will fix this issue and what was the bug…

What is your deposit tx hash?

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Here is the transaction in Etherscan

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Ok, we will check it

The Bridge works properly, it sent 19.3 TRC21 ETH to you at address 0x7b707330513bcbae3db909947ed30470f84c7267 -

You just need to unlock the address to see your fund.

But this 0x7b707330513bcbae3db909947ed30470f84c7267 is not the address I was sending the ETH,

This is my address 0x2136fb7e6b1f91ac88d0856005c391fa8456069a, and I connected the bridge and when I check wrap now it shows this contract 0x01720e4a3dA3Aa58a65ca04a76B46B2c7C40A098 and there I send the money…

Now when I click on transactions or confirm I see nothing

DO you need screenshots?

And that transaction’s timestamp is 21 hours ago, I sent the ETH 10 hours ago…

Ok, my mistake, because same amount. We will investigate more.

I am a TOMO lover, fan, hodler but imho this is a terrible user experience. I have my money sitting for +10 hours on the bridge and not be able to trade… is really frustrating.

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Can you share the video with the steps below:

  • Unlock your wallet
  • Open wrap eth screen to show the wrap address

We need to confirm that the wallet that you deposited is TomoBridge’s address.
Thank you.

Do you mean you don’t know if this deposit address belongs to the TomoBridge ??
I doubled-checked it with 3 different browsers…

Can you send me the text of the address that you unlock?
Thank you

If you mean the address is this:

I don’t understand what’s going on here.
Those are the official address :

TRC21 wrapped ETH smart contract address :

ETH Locked Address :

But your transaction is not sending anything to ETH locked address but to 0x01720e4a3da3aa58a65ca04a76b46b2c7c40a098 which is different, so you didn’t send any funds to the bridge.

As I checked the video he should send to this address! ? !? Or

Tomobridge gave him the deposit address. What’s the problem?

I just checked wrap and screened, address is different