Bridge USDT from TomoChain to Ethereum stuck

Bridge USDT from TomoChain to Ethereum stuck for more than 2 days.
30/30 confirmations and then very much confirmations / 30
But Claim button didn’t display (Seeing below screenshot)

TxHash: TomoScan - TomoChain Block Explorer

Please dm Adrian via telegram.

The scenario is

  • sign tx to burn 10k usdt via tomobridge website

  • wait for confirmations

  • seeing 30/30 confirmations but Claim button didn’t show

  • continue waiting until 100/30 xxx/30. Claim button also not display. Nothing change on website

  • shutdown computer and i have no way to access this screen to claim USDT on Etherum


I saw other people can withdrawERC20 from tomobridge recently. Please help to re-crawl my burn tx, then I can withdrawERC20 via WriteContract