Tomochain biweekly recap | 01/9 - 15/9

This biweekly recap unveils our recent accomplishments and particularly backstage sneak peeks. Let’s take a quick look at the rundown in the last two weeks and see how we’ve laid the foundations for the upcoming ecosystem updates.


  1. CEO Long Vuong tweeted, “$TOMO ecosystem will grow as a digital community. More importantly, TomoMasterDao and LuaStarter’s first IDO will be launching soon.” Looking forward to welcoming these new essentials to make the TomoChain ecosystem more well-rounded!

  2. TomoChain has formed two partnerships in the first two weeks of September, including:

  • Bonded Finance, a single-source, end-to-end DeFi solution for alternative token holders. Through this partnership, TOMOE holders will soon be able to borrow various stable coins by collateralizing their TOMOE tokens.

  • Knit Finance, a decentralized protocol for creating cross-chain wrapped tokens for the top cryptocurrencies. This integration allows users to mint wrapped TOMO (kTOMO) and move across different chains including Ethereum, Polygon, MoonBeam, Binance Smart Chain, Heco Chain and more to add in the future.

  1. When it comes to the countries that have the highest adoption and ownership rate of crypto, Vietnam is a notable name. TomoChain is honored to be featured as one of the most outstanding blockchain leaders in Vietnam for our strong contribution to general blockchain development in this country.

  2. After DeFi Warriors, the TomoChain’s GameFi train keeps moving forward with the next highly- anticipated project named CyBall - a football-themed, NFT-based game. Let’s wait to see how CyBall will shake up the gaming landscape.

  3. The preparation for TomoMasterDAO’s launch is almost coming to an end. The community decides how it looks by making a vote for its official logo. The final image result will be publicly announced soon.


  1. Despite the choppy market over the last two weeks, LuaSwap continues to record a huge trading volume on both the TomoChain and Ethereum network.

  2. To celebrate LuaSwap’s special month, we carry out a minigame with 3,000 $LUA to give back to our supportive community. The event lasts from Sep 15 to Sep 17, 2021. Let’s find out LuaSwap’s striking features and become the quick-sighted winner!

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