Tomoissuer to Tomobridge error 406

Hi, would the Tomo team kindly look into a status fail when applying the MKR token to Tomo bridge?

“Error: Request failed with status code 406”


I believe that Tomoissuer works again :smile:

Agreed, seems to be working again. Would be interested to know how it was resolved if any admins can opine.

Receiving the 406 error when trying to submit PAX to Tomobridge, would an admin be able to raise this to devs?

Can you try again?
– message too short–

Receiving new error via wallet app “duplicated token PAX” however it’s not on Tomobridge

Thanks, I will look into it

Can you try again, I think it should be good

Hmmm I’m not seeing the transaction hash which added this to Tomobridge, would you be able to share this?

Applying to tomobridge creates no tx hash, because it calls tomobridge api with autho key

Ah ok. I see the PAX on Tomobridge. Ty for your help