TomoMasterDAO - recruiting blockchain enthusiasts to join the Board

TomoMasterDAO is set to be built by the community, for the community. Thus, who is better to join the Board Member of TomoMasterDAO other than the members of TomoChain’s community themselves.

TomoMasterDAO is recruiting individuals to be a part of our operation team! We are in search of Board members who:

  • Have a good knowledge of the overall blockchain/crypto industry.
  • Are passionate about the future development of the TomoChain ecosystem.
  • Are interested in blockchain governance systems.

Application Timeframe: October 7— October 19, 2021

Benefits when joining the TomoMasterDAO Board

Being a part of the TomoMasterDAO Board gives you an opportunity to help manage the DAO, with advantages including:

  • Working directly with the TomoChain Lab team in enhancing TomoChain’s network
  • Directly taking part in the first stage of the proposal-choosing process
  • Getting exposed to a variety of different blockchain projects and engaging with the teams

As a board member, you will receive a remuneration of 150 TOMO/month for a 1-year term. Payment is transferred monthly. There are 4 board members positions available. The top candidates will be placed for a community vote (as a proposal placed on TomoMasterDAO) with the 4 highest voted candidates being chosen as official Board members.



Interested candidates can apply to be a member of the Board. Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have been exposed to the crypto/blockchain field for at least 2 years
  • Must be able to respond within 2 days
  • Work experience in the crypto industry is a bonus.

Please note that repeated breaches of conduct as a board member will result in your position being put up for reelection.

Application Process

The application will be open from October 6th to October 19th, 2021.

Application Form:

All applicants must complete the Application form and submit it before the deadline. Any questions regarding the application process can be sent via the TomoMasterDAO forum sector or via

About TomoMasterDAO

TomoMasterDAO is TomoChain’s system of governance for grants with the public’s input, letting the community take part in the decision-making process alongside an incentive program. The scope of TomoMasterDAO is to offer fundings for promising projects. In simple words, look at this DAO as a tree branch to extend TomoChain’s network.

About TomoChain

TomoChain is a scalable blockchain-powered via Proof-of-Stake voting consensus and used commercially by companies globally.

TomoChain’s mission is to accelerate the onboarding of millions of users by empowering today’s applications with technology that masks the friction of Blockchain, all while retaining its underlying benefits. TomoChain’s technology and DeFi-focused flagship products include:

  • Fast & Near-Zero Fees: 2000 TPS, 2-second block time, ~$0 gas fees, and EVM compatibility.
  • An array of original features and protocols is designed to support speed, privacy, usability, and liquidity needs all in one platform.

Learn more about Tomochain by visiting the TomoChain Lab Website, Twitter, Telegram or Medium.

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