TomoX SDK/UI improvement

here is a list of improvement/update i need/suggest on TomoX SDK/UI/One command installation/Bot…


  • Update nginx config to redirect mobile to dapp (nginx config from “one command” installation AND from documentation )

  • Add logrotate to pm2 to avoid MASSIVE size logs (had to reinstall after i found a 150 GB log).

  • Update log generated, we are not day one anymore, we don’t need thousands and thousands of line of “info” “debug” and “warn” which display every action made by every masternodes on every block… i just want to know if something is critical or make an error.
    Maybe you can keep this big log for TomoDEX and clean up the others one ?

  • Update new SDK version to take fixed bug, i reported this one which completly crash the DEX (have to clean every docker, stop node and reinstall mongodb), it’s supposed to be fixed but i still got that issue on fresh install.

TomoX SDK :

  • I don’t know if it’s already possible, but i REALLY need some alert when DEX crash. It’s happening a lot and i always found out after user report or when i check it to find out it’s not working for few hours.
    I need to receive a mail or an alert to tell me there is an issue. It’s impossible to run a business without that.

  • When node is not FULLY synchronized or crashed, DEX should have an offline/maintenance mode (which could also generate an alert if one hasn’t been sent yet).

Sometimes you don’t see paires and see an empty DEX, sometimes you see every paires with 1 month old information and can see data appearing hour by hour while node is catching back the blocks, sometimes everything looks fine but you can’t connect your wallet… but there is no alert and nothing displaying the DEX is not working. As point above, it’s impossible to run a business without a simple thing as that, when people will start to complain they tryed to buy an old price while node was syncronizing or when they try to buy a token for a price and their order match another order with a different price which is not on screen… it already happened on TomoDEX chan !

A simple page "Sorry, we are having an unplanned maintenance, we’ll back shortly. For more information, join us on " would be awesome.

TomoX UI :

  • There are a lot of color that need to be changed for a custom UI, but sadly the css file (/src/styles/scss/vars.scss) which is supposed to handle those don’t work for most of the case. I have to make a custom css file and struggle to target specifically each and every tiny element, some even have a dynamic generated class which made it impossible to easily update them.
    Why there is a vars css file with colour set if it’s almost not used on UI ? Every colour should be handled by this file. (And inline css is bad coding!)

I know TomoChain team is working to make the UI easier to edit because i saw that now it’s easier to change url to documentation and i saw other things which were updated since day one but colour issue is the most problematic one in my case.

It would be even more great if color UI, logo, meta, sharing image, google analytics and related link (like doc) could be changed on relayer settings.

Market Maker BOT + SDK + UI :

  • I would like to speak of what i would call “ghost orders”.
    If you put an order on the orderbook, it will stay there until someone try to fill it even if this order is not backed with any fund.
    First, it’s really disturbing to try to buy/sell to a ghost order. It makes bug on the order book, where you can see one sell order and one buy order at the exact same price which is absurd.
    Few days ago, i even transfered some eth to bridge because i tought i could buy some tomo cheaper… what a waste of time… and money ! as i paid withdraw fee + transfer fee from binance to bridge, then bridge to binance. Really frustrating to see my order hit nothing.

Second point, it disturbs the Market Maker Bot which get blocked by a sell/buy ghost order and will put order above/below an inexistant order. It will even stop making the market even if price is rising/dumping. Bot will be blocked…

We need a system where those ghost orders would be automatically suppressed.

That’s all for now, that’s everything i found out with those few months testing on

What i wrote above is not a critism of the team work which is awesome. Keep working great !

I will update this topic as i find more detail needed or suggestion.


I want to add something I observed when trading on TomoMango DEX in the mobile wallet. In the “Markets view” you can see the total volume (including all DEX’s), which looks rather healthy. But when you enter the trading view, you only see the “local” volume for that DEX, which makes it hard to see how much you can actually trade for a certain price. I really don’t care about the local volume here, since I’m able to take advantage of the full volume on the shared order book anyway. So it should show the total volume, not the local volume.