Voting Mechanism Currently Discourages Providing Liquidity

Proposal: Change Voting Procedure to Include LP Holdings of LUA

Requiring unstaking of liquidity for voting needlessly disincentivizes voting and punishes people who participate in the ecosystem for LuaSwap. Owning LUA and using it to provide liquidity should be encouraged not discouraged.

Proposal would be to have voting be counted not just from LUA held in wallet but from LUA in liquidity pools as well.

This should be easy to do since the LuaSwap website already knows this number based on address, there is no reason the voting process can’t allow for that as well.

Please vote yes to this proposal so all LUA holders can have a voice.

Idea is good, and not technically infeasible as per what I checked in snapshot opensource.

However it requires some dev work to creat of a custom snapshot strategy that performs the required scoring we need. The suggested approach of counting LUA available balance + LUA in all luaswap liquidity pools make sense. Read more about

I think it is good for core team to assess and estimate the efforts. If effort is not too big. We should really consider.

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Yes please. Can’t agree more.

A couple of things to consider:

  • what happens with LUA on exchanges? In LuaSafe? In other use cases using LUA we don’t know yet (cross-chain, being used in other farms etc.)
  • let’s say only counting LUA, LUA in liquidity providing, and LUA in LuaSafe for voting. There will be time needed for writing codes/ reviewing/ merging.

I think LUA on exchange lost its voting power for the very intention. We should include Lua in LuaSafe yes

Also think for inclusion of LUA in LuaSafe should be simple, believe there will be a function on LuaSafe staker contract to get staked amount based on public address. Should be a simple contract call config.

to get LUA in liquidity pools will need more coding, as we have multiple pools, i think

I think should count all as long as a person still own LUAs, understand there maybe technical challenging to do that.