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How do we create a favorable regulatory environment for web3 builders? There are a lot of infrastructural projects that sometimes get curtailed by regulators in Africa. Also, most web3 forums have conversations about the space with little effort on showcasing cutting-edge solutions that have been built to enable large reach and usability.

We propose to solve this through Aidblock standard production that would host a series of conversations with web3 builders and showcase and put a spotlight on their work to reach more audiences. The focus would be on web3 builders and entrepreneurs with decentralized solutions in trade, sound money, and digital solution to problems that are relevant to Africa.

The production would be broadcast on YouTube, Social media, and other podcast channels to reach a large audience. Also, policymakers and regulators would be engaged with values from web3 solutions for better appreciation and understanding to set a better tone for a favorable regulatory environment.

Why is this important?
The desire to regulate digital space extends beyond crypto. Therefore, there is the need to not only showcase web3 value for usability but also involve regulators to bridge knowledge-gap and share value.

Why Tomochain?
This is an initiative of the African Institute for DeFi & Blockchain (aidblock.org) and we decide to be part of the Tomochain ecosystem because they inspire start-ups to do more as well as has unique governance that emphasizes on bottom-up approach which is a feature of our think tank.

We are a team of researchers, non-profit managers, and scholars with combined 15 years of experience in public policy advocacy, free market, and private sector development.

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