Why i got banned on twitter?

Hi guys,
I’m a bit upset here. Iam a big fan of tomo technical and finance.
I like the way of how tomochain is communicate and the development.
Last theard of the tiktok announcement I disagreed with the video because it doesn’t look serious and I wrote please stop.
After this comment I got banned on tomos official twitter account. My question is why tomo did this and why the can’t handle criticism? Every business needs critic to grow and to be better in the future.
I would like to support further tomochain and want like to hear a positive response from you.
Thank you
Here my twitter account and a picture of my text. https://twitter.com/yaskay87?s=09

I don’t think it is a reason to get banned but maybe try it with constructive criticism such as “Please stop, because…” next time.

By the way, I liked the video and had a good laugh. You have a different audience on each platform and TikTok is not the one where you should look completely serious.

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Yeah it depends of the view but why do I got a ban that’s not okay?
I can’t change the critism because I still banned.

Hi there,

Firstly, thank you for reaching out and for your interest in TomoChain. We appreciate your support and willingness to learn about our project.

Secondly, we agree that criticism is very crucial for a business’s development, and we always encourage our users to give us feedback and suggestions. However, we would appreciate it even more if you could conduct a throughout statement, as to what you think the problem is and how do you think it needs to be improved. The sentence above could throw anyone off and leave a wrong impression.

Thank you for reaching out, and we hope to understand each other better in the future!

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