BSC’s success – a best-case scenario for TomoChain

I have thought about this a lot lately and want to share some thoughts here. Binance Smart Chain is similar to TomoChain EVM compatible, has low fees & fast transaction times. Additionally, Binance has due to its exchange tons of resources and way more opportunities than TomoChain.

Doesn’t sound too good, right? I don’t agree. I understand how this information can seem to be a bit worrying at first to some people, but you have to see the big picture here. Long, you mentioned in a tweet that Tomo was actually a first mover here. Sadly, being first doesn’t necessarily get you anywhere. But you got to a position that definitely shows two important facts.

  1. TomoChains vision is exceptional
  2. TomoChain built an equally superb blockchain with all the relevant features and managed this with way fewer resources than one of the biggest players on the market

But that’s not all. Tomo is more decentralized and has a bunch of useful protocols on top (TomoZ, TomoX & TomoP). Then there is the partnership with the Vietnamese government and we are gaining more and more traction (ZoidPay etc.).

BTW: This is not the topic here, but if this is not one of the most interesting cases for investors (shares), I don’t know what is. Don’t know if you are looking for that though and I have no idea what TomoChain’s shareholder structure looks like and if this is even something you consider looking into.

Anyways, why is BSC’s success a best-case scenario for TomoChain? It is a best-case scenario because people in the space realize the potential behind what Binance did with its product BSC. A solution for people who are done with high ETH fees. The best part is: They are not just realizing the potential behind BSC and doing more research about it, they might also look into other products which offer the same thing but are completely undervalued. This is a big chance! The spotlight is on BSC now but we are standing right behind it and just need to take a step out of its shadow to be seen. When the spotlight isn’t there, there is also no use in stepping out of a shadow. But here it is and this is why I am saying that this is a big chance.

Here are two suggestions:

  1. Listing on another big exchange besides Binance (I am sure the community wouldn’t mind throwing in some money to make this possible).
  2. Reposition TomoChain’s brand / story and let people know about it! Communicate it: This is David vs. Goliath. People love a good, emotional story. Get influencers to tell the story to their audiences. This is good content for them and it is something their audiences love. Give them some good news and something to look forward to, create some hype! IMO this will get you further than any other marketing activity. Additionally, from an investors (token) point of view, it is way more appealing to invest in a low cap / high potential project than in the #3 total marketcap project. If more people would know about the fact that we have an equal blockchain with upcoming features like TomoP and a way more decentralized network (isn’t this what people want???), TomoChain would gain way more attention and would have more resources as well as a bigger community. This might even open other doors for a bigger collaboration with Binance if we get more attention. This might even benefit Binance as well if it gets viral at some point. The future could be built together.

It was a tough road to get where you are at the moment. The two first points I made (exceptional vision/superb blockchain) took you there. IMO this is the best time to let people know about it.


I definitely agree with you, but if the word stock market is mentioned in an article, there is no positive or negative response from the team about it. I hope we can hear something about marketing and the stock market from the team. Tomo and its investors need this.

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If you think like that, what are you doing here. Everyone can invest where they want, however they want

bravo pour cet article et merci !