Future of tomochain

Due to the very slow pace of project growth and the lack of good marketing and project growth, many of the project holders are frustrated and waiting to leave the project.
Do you have a plan to restore hope to these people to stay in the project and continue to hold Tomo?

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Exactly ,very poor marketing.

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The TomoMasterDAO has been set up recently, and many proposals will be supported by the DAO in the future including marketing.

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Good evening everyone. tomochain has become really boring. this coin is very heavily manipulated and the price is only falling no matter if btc is rising or falling. there are so many projects but none of them is complete. luaswap was supposed to compete with uniswap but it didn’t happen. takes a look at the coin that can be exchanged on luaswap. this is very ridiculous. then tomofinance death project …. I invested in tomo because of TOMOP. to date, the project has not been brought to light. I got no answer to many questions. i find it very disrespectful of the team to simply ignore the questions from the investors. then fuck TOMOP out of the website and delete PRIVACY. Marketing really sucks. The team relies on Twitter users to spread advertising. this is really a joke. long is a stubborn person. He doesn’t listen to others and only his opinion counts. he refuses to create a roadmap for 2022. if you ask for it then you will get the stupid answer check our Github page from time to time…. Roadmap is important and so investors can count on you if you keep your promises and always deliver. I notice the team is exhausted and at some point they throw in the towel and switch everything to Solana or the good projects. I’d rather get out now before the boat sinks completely. Tomochain is the most boring coin.


Anybody is free to sell and leave anytime. Good luck with your investments.

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Un plan 2022, il faut cela pour motiver les nouveaux clients.

J’ai l’impression que TOMO regarde les concurrents et fait des copies ?

2022 = Marketing et surtout faire un plan d’évolution :slight_smile:

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Use English please. If you don’t know, try a translator at least.


When you criticize here, as if they are doing very good marketing or very good projects, you also attract tribulation. Why did the team not open to criticism, if you are not open to criticism, why did you set up the forum?

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You don’t know the differences between critize and complain. If you will critize, just tell what you see and give suggestions about what to do.

You are just complaining and saying stupid unreal things about TomoChain Lab.

You don’t understand that TomoChain is not belong TomoChain Lab team anymore. Community take over the control. And Lab is supporting main products.

Wanna do something? Help us on MasterDao; find us marketing idea/agency, STOP COMPLAINING LIKE “BAD MARKETING, NO MARKETING”… find us developer for your dream dapps, protocols, new amm etc.

If you wont do, stop the drama, sell your TOMO and leave TomoChain.

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What will you develop in the fund with 5 million tomo remaining? so many unfair funds took the team and left, you are aware of it. We are in the same boat, but I don’t like thieves. Promotor, you know, if these funds are 1 tomo, they spent 4 tomo, they didn’t make any product. are we blind otherwise we are deceiving ourselves. I am a tomochain supporter.

You know it wrong. MasterDao has yearly TOMO treasury and divided into 4 grant rounds (Q1-Q2-Q3-Q4).

If you are tomo supporter show yourself on masterdao.tomochain.com. Find us what you want and force someone to create proposal.

Tell us what you want on TomoMasterDao, stop complaining everywhere.


you know what i’m complaining about, that’s all that’s left! you see they stole 5% of the tomo supply…

The token is unlocked following the unlocking schedule that was setup at the beginning in 2018. You can read information about that in the economics paper & the technical paper in the website https://tomochain.com/ The token unlock was pre - determined, and was distributed to most important contributors of the ecosystem.

TomoChain protocol was healthy, mature and decentralized. A lot of works had to be put into it, and now the focus is shifting toward the decentralized governance and the decentralized ecosystem building. That would be the most sustainable way to develop the public blockchain.

We are still working on the ecosystem daily, and we don’t want people who only cause issues to be around. You can be positive and helpful and get rewarded from the protocol, or you can be negative, and in the case you should go away. We can all make it if we work together.

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I can see that you have no idea about TomoChain’s tokenomy. Stop calling people as scammer or thief. Educate yourself about the project before critize it.