What was Long Vuong interested in?

What was Long Vuong interested in last week? (03/05 - 09/05)

The crypto market has been a hell of a ride during the last couple of weeks. While others care about new pet tokens invading all the charts, let’s see what TomoChain’s CEO was interested in.

Long wrote on his Twitter:

  1. “I will lead the initiative of setting up TomoChain Master DAO (TMA) which will be in charge of millions of $ to fund and promote the $TOMO ecosystem. The estimated time is by the end of the second quarter or early in the third quarter, 2021.”

According to the initial plan, 10% of the staking funds will be listed as the Foundation fund. This amount will then eventually be handed-over to the community to vote and make decisions on its re-allocation for future developments. Thus, TomoChain Master Dao aims to empower users’ contribution into our overall ecosystem by helping them take part in governance voting. This is just an initial idea. We will reveal more details later and happy to receive your feedback on this from now.

  1. “TomoChain and LuaSwap have a game plan that will be rolling out in the next two months. $TOMO & $LUA should belong to the permanent portfolio of any crypto participant.”

LuaSwap, the multi-chain AMM, has racked up nicely especially after the launch of TomoChain-based version, which caters to nearly instant transactions at near-zero gas fee, without network congestion. Hence, the continuous rise of the market liquidity and volume, alongside the new faces in its pool listings promise a healthy interest rate for holders. Keep calm as it’s only a matter of time that more updates on Luaswap will soon be rolled out.

  1. “If you can time the market, you should manage your portfolio accordingly. That’s not what we do, but our goal is to advance the TomoChain ecosystem continuously and relentlessly. Hedge yourself in different market cycles and be rational as an investor should be. I wish you the best of luck in this epochal disruption as crypto capital invades the old-world capital.”

With the sudden rise of the MEME coins recently, Long Vuong continued to share his perspective on this new trend. Although meme coins have definitely pushed forward blockchain mass adoption, investors need to be wise to not get sucked into this crazy phrase. Before jumping into any investment decision and building your portfolio, you need to have a deep knowledge on the projects and teams you invest in and the technology behind it.

  1. Long, among the hand-selected judges and experts in the blockchain field, will join the Solana Season Hackathon which will take place from May 15 to June 7. With the long-standing experience and knowledge, let’s see how Long will be analysing the creative projects.

  2. And the last thing Long shared:

“Two new product managers landed in TomoChain Lab this month; at least two new products are rolling out soon. A new and real alliance is incoming as the new phase unfolds.”

We heard you. New recruitments promise new products and improvements. A brand new version of TomoScan and TomoChain Master DAO are programmed to be 2 out of the main focuses in our 2021 roadmap. This preparation primes a growing ecosystem that TomoChain is heading towards. The stories will not be unfolded until all the things are finished up. Remember a saying as “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.