Seeking TomoChain Integration Into Existing EVM Developer Tools and Platforms

It’s likely that TomoChain is one of the best EVM networks for developers to build scalable applications on right now, boasting faster transaction confirmations and lower fees than Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Avalanche. However, developers currently lack a lot of the tools which are essential for development but also available for other networks, such as OpenZeppelin’s Defender which is available for most other popular EVM blockchains.

I’m hoping TomoChain Labs or the TomoMaster DAO board are able to enquire about integrating TomoChain into more essential tools and platforms that developers need to create high quality applications on TomoChain. Other notable integrations would be for Moralis and ChainLink, but I’m sure there are many more tools and platforms that other developers would appreciate being able to use with TomoChain.

Additionally, while I understand that the TomoChain bridge is currently undergoing further developments, it is probably wise to reach out to other cross-chain bridges such as AllBridge and Orbit Bridge. Having an option to bridge to TomoChain on these platforms opens up the potential for onboarding significantly more users, especially users from the USA who currently don’t have many options for purchasing TomoChain.

For those who have developed Dapps, it would be ideal if they could get them listed on websites such as DappRadar, which currently displays almost every known EVM blockchain except TomoChain.

Ensuring TomoChain is well integrated into the wider EVM-ecosystem is vital for attracting new users, and more importantly attracting new developers.

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I’m looking forward to hearing everyone else’s thoughts on this.



What you think guys? @Lak @hongngn201