ERC-20 TOMO Tokens on IDEX

LongVuong said this:
“This picture shows you how TOMO ERC20 looks like on IDEX. Every TOMO stays in 1 wallet, and we have no way to know which IDEX sub-account own TOMO and how much. You need to show you indeed own an IDEX sub-account that have TOMO. We don’t have that information now.”

But anyone can download the transaction history for TOMO ERC20 and the IDEX exchange and create a list of wallets that interacted with the exchange. From there, anyone can check the balance of each wallet using the “BalanceOf” function of the IDEX contract.

Is LongVuong not aware of this or is he not being honest?

I am not aware of this technique nor certain of its accuracy.

If you write smart contracts you must be aware of the Balance query function as its common to most smart contracts.

If you do not know how to download transaction history I can show you or I can generate the list for you. You can run the balance query yourself to verify.

As long as OP provides ownership his wallet, we can check his balance. It doesn’t take much effort.

Why not give everyone who still has TOMO ERC20 on IDEX their funds back, not just the random reddit poster.

Like I said we are seeking legal counsel or what else do you expect? We will follow the relevant guidances. What is clearer than that?

It should be today. We will not discuss this issue any further until then.

Why not just automatically transfer funds for people who have their TOMO ERC20 on IDEX?
We can create a list of wallets and ownership using the method I described.

So you are uninterested in creating this list or having me make it for you?

Like I said we are seeking legal counsel. We will follow the relevant guidances.

If you are asking what I expect I am telling you. I would expect you to give everyone who had funds on IDEX the tokens that they should be entitled to. I have described how you can do this yourself and offered free services to help