Feedback: Requested usability uplifts to Tomo products

Hi, starting an ongoing category of requested uplifts to Tomo products. This can include feedback such as general wants, and usability improvements.

If the Tomo team would kindly review and prioritize for the next releases:

  1. Include Binance network in the lists of networks within Tomo Wallet. Reason for the ask: all wrapped Tomo networks should be accessible within Tomo wallet. Commercial use: Binance networks have a large user following.

  2. Include TOMOB within TomoBridge. This should include an any Tomo to any Wrapped Tomo bridge uplift. Ex. TomoE to TomoB, or Tomo to TomoB, or vice versa.

  3. Add an option that every Tomo mined the app makes a chime sound. Suggest sound similar to the noise in Mario when a Coin block is hit (“mined” ;). Commercial use: fun. Would love to hear a coin chime every time Tomo is mined from my node or staking.

  4. Once Tomo coins are in Tomo Master, remove the requirement to transfer Tomo coins from Tomo Master to Tomo Wallet to re-stake (vote) another node in Tomo Master. Commercial use: additional step not necessary from a usability standpoint after coins are un-staked (un-voted.) Tomo Master protocol should be able to handle re-staking (voting) within Tomo Master without needing to transfer coins back to Tomo Wallet.

  5. Community based ability to vote on Tomo enhancement requests within Tomo wallet. This could include Vote For, Vote Against, and abstain / non-votes would be neutral. Further suggestion would be 1 vote per Tomo and would include all staked and non-staked. Would ask the Tomo team to consider the following: i) how to best handle voting for staked Tomo vs un-staked Tomo — does the master node vote on behalf of all staked Tomo and can there be delegate voting? ii) how to best handle when Tomo are lent/borrowed — who has the right to vote, the lender or borrower and how is this handled if borrowed Tomo are staked? I would suggest the holder (borrower) vote for all Tomo with the overall ability to delegate any votes (whether staked or not) to a master node.

  6. TomoDex source liquidity from multiple sources and swap protocols. Commercial use: anyone using tomodex would get the best fill across protocols/platforms and ensure low volume coins/protocols are better supported.

  7. Ability to auto-stake (auto vote) rewards into any master node. Commercial use: usability uplifts allows less ongoing decision touch points with a rule based approach. Ex. Master Node x has 150k Tomo earning 15 Tomo per day. Auto vote (Auto-stake) allows daily (based on a daily snapshot or minimum Tomo amount ex. 1 Tomo) to auto stake into any node the user elects the auto voting (auto-staking) to vote for.

  8. Ability for users to sweep any low denominator coin into $Tomo. This would be implemented within Tomo wallet, Tomodex, $Lua swap, etc.
    Commercial use: enables tomo environment to reduce amount of low balance addresses. Big usability uplift which Binance has also implemented. Ex. on a daily basis any Binance user can sweep low balance coins to convert into BNB coin.


Hello GHT,

Thank you very much for your feedback! Very helpful and insightful from a TomoChain user. We took note and will find the way to improve our products in the future.

Regarding to
Point 2: we do include TomoB within TomoBridge. You will see it on the front page when go to
Point 4: Hope I understand this point correctly: you want to transfer your fund from node A to node B without unstake, wait for 2 days then manually withdraw and re-stake. There are some steps we have to go through to switch from nodes to nodes and you want to remove them. The reason behind it is to prevent spams that may cause TomoChain network instability.
Point 7: Can you elaborate on the incentives of auto stake? Who will auto-stake? FYI, you need to stake min.100 TOMO.

The rest points we will take them into consideration until the demand grows big enough.

Thank you!

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Hi Alex, ty for your review! Very much appreciate the positive reception on this feedback.

Here are some clarifying points as to my intent:

For point 2, I was thinking from the app perspective (screenshot attached) where Tomo to TomoB is not readily available — unless I’m missing a step?

For point 4, the wait 2 days to unstake is fine. What I’m proposing is after the 2 day wait period, the user doesn’t have to withdraw funds from Tomo master to Tomo wallet. Instead, after unstake and 2 day wait period I can stake a new master node within Tomo master itself.

Does this help for my intent?

For point 7. The auto stake is 2 fold benefit. 1. It allows for compounding gains quicker as every Tomo earned would auto stake into a new node. And 2. Would allow users to have a rule based approach to staking (. Ex once 10 Tomo received from staking auto stake to node x or y)
This would require the stake requirement of 100 be changed , however that could be a benefit if it’s auto stake driven.

Kindly let me know if this is helpful or not. Many thanks,

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Hi D,

For point 2, thanks for pointing it out. I was using the desktop version so it showed TOMO-TOMOB swap. Will let the team know we are missing TOMOB part on mobile version.
I recommend everyone to use TomoBridge desktop version for better input checking.
Point 4 + 7: thanks for clarifying it. Got your idea now. I’m not sure whether it is technically feasible. Will let the dev team know.
Normally, we will add new features in a product when the demand from user is high or there is a security need related.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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Thank you for your feedback, regarding point 6, totally agree that we should integrate many liquidity sources for better volume and liquidity on TomoDEX. Especially when we have LuaSwap launch on TomoChain next year

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Thanks hoanghalc! Would be nice if Lua was fully integrated within tomodex and not a separate dapp within the Tomo app. If that is to be the case kindly disregard.

Thank you very much for the consideration. Speaking of the app, once TOMOB is on the app bridge, would it make sense to have Binance as a choice within app networks?

From a user perspective it would be nice that all networks Tomo coin is on are available in the app

Thanks for your suggestion :innocent: