How to connect to BSC IDO on LuaStarter Using Trust Wallet

How to join IDOs on Binance Smart Chain with Trust Wallet

For IDOs launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) on LuaStarter, the wallet address used for buying (on BSC), and staking LUA (on TomoChain or Ethereum) has to be the same. However, the wallet addresses created across different networks on Trust Wallet are different, which has caused many Trust Wallet users not being able to join the IDOs on BSC.

In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to resolve the issue and participate in IDOs on BSC for TrusWallet users.

Step 1: Get your recovery phrase from Trust Wallet

Go to your Trust Wallet app and select " “Settings” " → “Wallets " → “ ⋮ ” icon (on the right end of your wallet) → " Show Recovery Phrase”.

Write down the 12-word recovery phrase at a safe place that no one else can access.

Step 2: Import to TomoWallet & acquire the private key

For iOS users, you can download the TomoWallet app on the App Store. Android user will need to go to on your computer, as the Android app is currently unavailable.

For TomoWallet app (iOS):

  • Click on the Tripple dash icon on the top left of your screen, and choose “ add new wallet

  • Select “ Recovery Phrase or Private Key ” then type in your 12 word Recovery Phrase in the right order, and select Import.

  • Once your wallet is imported, click on the “:” con → your wallet address → “ Show private key ”. Then you can access the private key.

For the web version (PC only):

  • Go to Tomo Wallet on your browser:

  • Choose “ Import your wallet ", then select “ Recovery Phrase/ Private key " → " Recovery Phrase ". Then type in your 12 word recovery phrase in the right order, and select " Import " ( do NOT change the HD path ).

  • Now you are on the TomoWallet web, go to “ My Wallet " → “ Show Wallet " → " Next ". And your private key will pop up.

Step 3: Import to Trust Wallet

Open your Trust Wallet app, go to " Settings " → " Wallets " → “ + ” symbol → " I already have a wallet " → “ Smart Chain ” → “ Private Key ”. Paste your private key your copied from your TomoWallet, then hit “ Import ”. Now you’ve successfully imported a BSC wallet.

Follow the same steps above to import a TomoChain wallet and an Ethereum wallet (if needed).

Now you’ve created a BSC wallet, a TomoChain wallet and an Ethereum wallet on your Trust Wallet of the same address.

  • Choose the TomoChain wallet if you need to stake LUA to be qualified for a tier, or if the IDO project is on the TomoChain network.

  • Choose the BSC wallet if you want to participate in the IDO launched on BSC.

  • Choose the Ethereum wallet if you wish to stake LUA on the Ethereum network.

Step 4: Log in to LuaStarter

For iOS users:

  • Open your Trust Wallet and select which wallet and network you wish to use.

  • Open your Safari browser and close all the exiting windows. Then go to and navigate the same way

  • Choose " Connect " → " WalletConnect " → " Trust ", a pop-up window will show on your Trust Wallet app, click " Connect " to log in.

For Android users:

  • Open your Trust Wallet and select which wallet and network you wish to use.

  • Choose " DApps " and go browse LuaSwap on your phone

  • Click on " Connect" → " Metamask " and your current Trust Wallet address will be automatically connected.

Now you are all set to go!

Note: This is a technical instruction on how to connect your Trust Wallet to participate in the IDOs on LuaStarter. We are not responsible for any loss of funds that occurs in the process. Please be careful when working with recovery phrase and private key, and make sure that no one can access your recovery phrase/ private key.

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