Masternode Pool with Delayed Withdrawal

Pools are a good idea because they share the infrastructure reward with the voters
They also eventually will likely share voting rights with the voters to make chain decisions

The issue that I see is they currently have a “rush to exit” problem
In times of volatility, it can make sense for a user to withdraw TOMO from the pooled node ASAP to ensure they do not end up being stuck for 30 days with no reward (as we saw recently)

Would anybody be interested in creating a pooled Masternode with a smart contract that delays the withdrawal to say 30 days for all?
-To compensate for longer lockup, the voter could receive a greater proportion of infrastructure rewards
-The voters and owner would be more confident of their future staking rewards
-Rush to Exit problem would not exist
-The other upside of this is decreased token velocity which should in theory increase the token valuation

Don’t know if there is interest but thought I would share the idea!


It is normal. All of stakers share the ownership of pools. And TomoPool team pay 30 days extra rewards for stakers have stuck tomo in the pool. Team pay at ROI 3.6% is not much but it approximately ROI of normal masternode (4.5%). It is not enough fair for all stakers but it is more fair than normal masternode