Proposal Discussion - Guardarian Service

Good day!

My name is Roman, I am representing Guardarian. My credentials can be confirmed on our “contact us” page.

We are helping cryptomaniacs all around the world with the solution to securely expand the exchange of their token (FIAT to crypto) along with the growth of the community.

Guardarian helps customers to buy/sell tokens directly with credit card or bank transfer. We currently offer exchange for 200+ tokens/coins and expand our service daily.

TOMO coin is up to our requirements and Guardarian will be a great opportunity for your community to exchange TOMO coins directly with FIAT (VISA, MasterCards, SEPA).

We offer widget solution for the website so that TOMO coins could be bought directly from your website alongside our platform. Our widget is simple to integrate and customer-friendly. Guardarian has a license for the FIAT exchange, so your team does not have to worry about the transaction process. Personal cabinet will be shared with option to overview the transactions.

Listing fee to the Guardarian platform (fiat on-ramp) is 25000 USDT. In case there is an issue with USDT payment, we can discuss other currency possibilities.

There is a queue for integration at the moment. Usual ETA for the integration is 1-6 weeks, but every case is discussed separately.

In addition to widget and listing we offer personal token page, for example - Buy Bitcoin (BTC) | Buy BTC Coin with Fiat, EUR & USD | Guardarian

Guardarian is transparent without additional or hidden fees for the customer. Before making an exchange, expected rate and fees are immediately shown to the customer in our calculator. In addition, you only need to be verified once and all following transactions will be automatic, no need for the account registration. However we will require verification if you decide to use another bank account.

Let me know if you have any questions - will gladly cooperate. To help establish partnership we are always happy to negotiate any topic you would like.

Have a wonderful day and look forward to any feedback!



Requested for their Paymentcard, but get linked to wrong Link. (B2b)


Thank you for the message. Would you kindly clarify the problem?

As I see, you clicked on our “Request card” form. However, B2B solution is different request and bellow “B2B solution” you will see a “Request exchange” option if you are visiting our website through mobile version.

In addition, you can contact us directly with provided emails on our “contact us” page. Plus we have a “listing request” form as well.

Let me know if you have any additional questions and have a great day ahead!


Hey guys, is it possible to get a visa debit card for retail customer from you? If yes, how to request for it?


At the moment, soft launch for the payment card is expected by the end of Q1. You can fill out the form on our website in regards of payment card and we will make sure to get back to you.

Have a great day!


Nice proposal, except that the desired fund is 25k :smiling_face_with_tear:

Good day!

We do have a listing fee policy at the moment. Our team is always open for negotiation with our potential partners.



This is Lak from TomoMasterDAO. Your platform seems like an interesting one. I’d like to know more about it. How many users do you have and what is your average trading volume?

Hey Roman do you mind sending me a message on Telegram? Telegram: Contact @Lakrisen

Hey Lak!

Sure thing, dropped you a message.

Have a great day!