Question: What kind of governance token would you want TomoMasterDAO to have?

The plan is to launch a brand new governance token to be the basis of TomoMasterDAO’s governance model. There are two kinds of tokens that are being considered: A Treasury Token and a Non-Treasury token.

Treasury Token
The token model with the treasury will have a decreased circulating supply in its early stages. It will provide more capital for projects to develop with and a longer-running rewards system. The Foundation Fund will be used as a source of grants and rewards in the first 2 years, then transitioned to the governance treasury.

Non-Treasury Token
The token model without a treasury will see users getting a larger percentage of tokens. It will have a more diluted circulating supply in its early stages. The Foundation Fund will be used for grants for the entire length of the project. As the block rewards reduce for TomoChain there will be less capital available for projects.

:point_right: Question: Let us know your preferences, and why you think that choice would benefit both projects coming to TomoChain, and you as a TomoMasterDAO participant.


I am not sure those should be our only 2 options.
Personally, as owner of two Master Nodes, I am in disbelief that Governance tokens were not issued / airdropped or otherwise made available to people who are already invested in $TOMO. It would seem that you would want to reward and include people that are and have been involved in the ecosystem with a governing voice in the ecosystem…people like master node operators, stakers, and even long-time holders.

Personally, I was concerned when reading about the need to purchase tDAO in order to have a vote on the rebranding.

I believe the treasury fund can still be held in $TOMO (or whatever it is the tDAO holders decide it shall be called), and the governance token holders should be able to vote on proposals to spend the treasury…ideally a fair and equitable governance token that rewards, honors, and respects people already invested.

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Kindly use VIC token as the governance token going forward. I would support doing away with a separate governance token now that Tomochain is re-branded to Viction.

This will increase use cases of VIC and ensure VIC holders have a say in the direction of Viction network going forward.

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