Tai is not a stable coin for now

I am sad to report this but please explain me what is the point of give my tomo as collateral on tomofinance?

I need to swap TAI to USDT, I can’t use TAI anywhere. But when I try to swap it this is the ratio. Dissapointed and stuck with TAI.

I critized this on TomoFinance telegram group. You know what? I got banned.

Please don’t call TAI as stable coin until fix this.

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  1. They can add/remove pool liquidity to make ratio 1:1.

  2. They can add buy order for TAI/USDT at 0.99$ on PantographDex or BorsaDEX.

None of them done and I am sitting with my “stable coin” TAI.

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Hi Could You return TAI and get your TOMO collateral back? maybe that’s what you could do.

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My point is not that sir. My point is the system is not cool because of TAI value.

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