Tomo P Mainnet?

When does Tomo P mainnet go live? Announcing it at least a month in advance and having a live countdown page on the website and a countdown graphic on twitter would be good for creating hype.


We haven’t picked a date yet. Will inform you as soon as it’s decided. And thank you for your suggestions. There will be a countdown timer on the website and twitter.


Is there any suggestion if it will be July/Aug?

Only dates/timelines from our Twitter are the fixed ones. Key developments are on track while we are considering to add some more advanced features to the mainnet launch. We also want to assess whether further tweaks, refinement may be required :slightly_smiling_face:

TRON is also preparing to launch a token bridge. If they release first and open it to all ERC20s they will take a lot of market share from TomoChain. We need to launch the bridge fast!