TomoChain Januay (2021) Recap

The first month of 2021 has passed, carrying new trends in the blockchain space. To stir things up, TomoChain would like to introduce the 2021 version of our Monthly Recap, which will be presented in the form of (1) a well-detailed written post and (2) a Highlighted Calendar. We hope to refresh the way to demonstrate TomoChain news and updates.

Calendar - Highlights of January, 2021

Download a full Highlights version which will lead you to the details of each news.

Detailed list of what happened in January 2021.


  1. We’re so excited to unveil the Zorro Release - the next TomoChain network upgrade! This prime event scored an important milestone in the scalability of TomoChain public blockchain and the interoperability and compatibility between TomoChain and other chains. This upgrade was activated at block 30,915,660, at 3:00–5:00 AM on 22 Jan 2021. A full set of media news also helped us celebrate this Zorro milestone.

  2. We are excited to release the newest update that allows anyone to issue a wrapped ERC-20 token via TomoIssuer & list it publicly on TomoBridge. This upgrade does not only mark a groundbreaking milestone in the interoperability between TomoChain & Ethereum network but also sets a vision of an interconnected and truly frictionless world. If you want to have your own token published for mass usage, this tutorial video can help you master it!

  3. TomoChain joined hands with Injective Labs and Ramp Defi to launch cross-chain staking derivatives with the added benefits of cross-pollinating between different projects. With this special collaboration, users can generate wTOMO - TomoChain’s wrapped token provided by Ramp DeFi - and receive their staking rewards while being able to send wTOMO to Injective Labs with new trading opportunities.

  4. TomoChain is pleased to be partnering with Tixl Finance 3 - a decentralized and community-driven platform for digital asset data & AI-powered fundamental analyses. For the year to date, Tixl Finance marked the first one to be listed in our strategic partnership calendar. Let us look forward to reaping the benefits of this collaboration.

  5. The National Qualification Archive system established on the TomoChain blockchain is still in progress. We are delivering a product demo, which was presented to the management of Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training. The NQA system is set to roll out nationwide for the 2020–2021 school year.

  6. Are you curious about the ones who fully dedicate themselves to TomoChain and push it forward? Let’s follow Hong - Marketing Manager - to know more about the amazing staff in all sectors of the TomoChain family!

  7. On the collaboration front, TomoChain continued to partner with Paid Network with an aim to integrate PAID SMART Agreements. Businesses and individuals will benefit from fast and secure transaction processing at a lower cost on the high-performance TomoChain network.

  8. It’s truly our honor to be featured on a handful of the trusted blockchain social media platforms including Cointelegraph, Altcoin Buzz and Prysm Group. Apart from a set of updates on Zorro Network Upgrade, TomoIssuer, and TomoBridge, TomoChain was also invited to join Economic House of Blockchain and an AMA with StealthEX to share about TomoChain’s technical details.

  9. Based on the 24-hour activity, social mentions and market metrics, January marked the first AltRank position of TomoChain on Lunar Crush. This achievement was definitely strengthened by the community’s recognition and support.

  10. Privacy in crypto transactions is a great concern to both businesses and individuals. No worries, follow our astronauts and discover a distinguished innovation - TomoP Privacy Protocol and the way this TomoChain protocol helps users protect their financial identity on the public blockchain.

  11. TomoScan released the newest feature which displays the countdown to TomoChain’s Halving. Check the countdown feature and the exact date of halving. If you are uncertain about what exactly TomoChain halving is, Kyn Chartuverdia, our CBDO will take you through the answers with Spill the T #15 “TomoChain halving, what happens next?”.

  12. TomoChain is so excited to have $TOMO connected to KEYRING PRO - the newest Multichain Wallet of Bacoor Inc. Another platform for $TOMO holders to store their assets on both IOS and Android.


  1. LuaSwap is now LIVE on the TomoChain blockchain, availing of each chain’s outstanding capabilities. On the TomoChain version, specifically, LuaSwap allows users to purchase tokens nearly instantly, at near-zero gas fees, and without network congestion. An incentive program will be announced in February to celebrate LuaSwap’s launch on the TomoChain network. Additionally, LuaSafe for staking LUA is set to roll out next February.

  2. LuaSwap is officially integrated into TomoWallet’s Dapp browser under Ethereum network, enabling DeFi users to switch to swapping action with ease. Check the steps to see Lua’s availability on your TomoWallet.

  3. Locked LUA will be paid out over 1 year in form of linearly vested rewards. Follow this instruction to unlock your asset.

  4. The development has continued apace with LuaSwap when Golden Field proposal was ultimately launched, replacing the Farming Set Initiative. This change is expected to ensure long-term capital efficiency with three main points including: 12 initial same-weight pools, weekly TVL-based re-calculation and community-driven development.

  5. LuaSwap’s Weekly Roundup gets you updated on how LUA has been progressing so far. With the total trading volume above 728,000 in the third week, nearly double the same one of the previous month, we are really positive about what the future will hold for LuaSwap’s development in 2021. Let’s check out the latest report!


  1. Crypto’s decentralized exchanges will continue their rise in 2021 with many more features to be rolled out, and so does TomoDEX. With the impactful and incremental transformation, TomoDEX is going to be a fast ride, buckle up!


  1. With the ambition to mingle the public blockchain with private blockchain that all foster sustainable use cases, the second update on Lition’s Outstanding Program focuses on three pillars, including Brand & Technology, Validators’ Onboarding Program and Token Burn Right-pointing triangle Liquidity.

  2. Phase 2 of the 6-month Welcome Event to celebrate TomoChain’s acquisition of Lition was kicked off with a present bag of up to $28,000 in both TOMO and LIT tokens.

  3. To celebrate the launch of LuaSwap on TomoChain network, Lition launched a liquidity mining program to reward $LIT/ $USDT (TRC21) with 100,000 LIT over 1 month to Liquidity Providers on LuaSwap’s TomoChain version. Let us walk you through the instruction.