TomoChain February Recap

TomoChain Febuary Recap

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Details on what happened in February, 2021:

  1. “Convo with TOMO” was well-received from the community, with endless questions when it comes to developing the blockchain space in general, and within the TomoChain ecosystem specifically. This success may open the doors for releasing the another episode of “Convo with TOMO” very soon. Stay tuned!

  2. TomoChain’s 2021 halving took place on Jan 6th, marking a significant milestone. Starting February 2021, with the total amount of 2M reward per year, the staking reward for each epoch will be 125 $TOMO. Let Kyn help you understand the wider impact of halving to TomoChain.

  3. TomoChain is pleased to be partnering with API3, the decentralized APIs for Web 3.0. With API3’s native integration, TomoChain looks forward to seeing how Dapps developed on TomoChain with Airnode-enabled APIs and dAPIs can lead to a more efficient and secure Web 3.0. To boost the integration, we will soon co-host a hackathon with the API3 DAO featuring an Airnode enabled API. Details on the hackathon will be announced in the near future.

  4. Kyn continued to bring his background and expertise in the interview with StealthEX, sharing how his professional path affects his view on different blockchain solutions. A full video and written recap were published to catch you up with the event.

  5. Users can now track $TOMO-related information seamlessly and conveniently with waterfall bot - an automatic bot which provides the real-time updates on cryptocurrencies.

  6. TomoChain officially obtained a new title as TomoChain Lab Pte. Ltd., catering to the demand of further pursuing the possibilities in the multi-chains revolution while still retaining the existing value of TomoChain network.

  7. TomoFinance, a TomoChain-based DeFi project developed by Bacoor Inc., is set to launch in Q1 2021. This project will adopt Tomochain as the main chain, issue the same chain-based stable coin for the first time in history, and build the infrastructure of Tomochain DeFi.

  8. TomoChain continues to provide a bedrock for any blockchain-based project to grow. The number of ZoidPay’s downloads, another blockchain project built on TomoChain, exceeded 100,000 in 1 week, becoming the #1 trending Finance app in Switzerland and France. We look forward to seeing many more projects thrive using our network features.

  9. In the blockchain world, a “one-size-fits-all” solution has not existed. Therefore, instead of separating from other chains, many emerging projects tend to take advantage of the interoperability among multi-chains. Spill the T #16 led by Kyn Chaturvedi, our CBDO, will help you get to know the next revolution in blockchain and how TomoChain adapts to the constantly changing market.

  10. Our #Tomo3words series along Tet Holiday is a good source for users to catch the most basic but important features of each product in the TomoChain ecosystem, including TomoZ, TomoX, TomoP, TomoMaster, TomoScan, TomoWallet, TomoBridge and LuaSwap.


  1. On Friday, Feb 5, we were honored to have Roseon Finance’s representative join LuaSwap’s exclusive AMA discussing our cooperation and other related DeFi topics. To bear fruits for each community, Roseon Wallet - a crypto finance app supporting DeFi and high liquidity tokens such as ETH, BTC and stablecoins, plans to integrate LuaSwap into their app soon.

  2. Let the number speak for itself as Ethereum-based LuaSwap reached close to $800,000 trading volume in the first week of February. In the meantime, the number of followers on LuaSwap’s Twitter climbed to 4,000 and is projected to grow more in the coming months. What a promising year for LuaSwap!

  3. The last week of February went well for LuaSwap as the weekly trading volume surpassed $1 Million (on the Ethereum network) for the first time. Following this growth, a new all-time-high in trading volume was smashed recently, crossing $708,000 on the Ethereum network and $136,000 on the TomoChain network. A positive signal for LuaSwap being on the rise in 2021.

  4. The first LuaSwap’s animation video was released. Don’t hesitate to visit TomoChain’s Co-op farming market, LuaSwap, for an opportunity to exchange any tokens at a fair market price. Arm yourself with financial instruments to discover this innovative territory first-hand!


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