Tomochain April Monthly Recap 2021

April was full of upgraded features, AMAs and conference presentations, helping TomoChain expand our reach to different communities worldwide.

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  1. A new feature has recently been added to TomoIssuer, allowing users to deploy not only TRC21 but also TRC20 tokens on TomoChain without any coding experience required. Before starting to deploy your token, arm yourself with the differences between the two types of tokens.

  2. An eventful month with a massive influx of AMAs. It’s our honor to have a chance to connect with communities from Crypto Eagles and Crypto Talkz, sharing about TomoChain’s recent progress, product updates, and our plans moving forward.

  3. TomoChain is pleased to be a partner in Cosmo HackAtom, the first post-Covid offline blockchain hackathon in Vietnam, co-hosted by Cosmo Network & Krypto Seoul, to spread awareness about technical education and encourage the young workforce to join Vietnam’s dynamic blockchain market. Registration remains valid until May 16th, 2021.

  4. Mr. Long Vuong, our Founder & CEO had a speech at Vietnam Blockchain Day on April 3rd, 2021 hosted by Binance. Throughout the conference, Mr. Long Vuong shared his thoughts on Crypto’s development in general and TomoChain’s use-cases specifically across a variety of industries.


  1. TomoChain pays a tribute to the community’s support for the 100% agreement on LuaSwap’s reward reallocation proposal. Accordingly, approximately 9.09% and 31.92% of the total $LUA supply will be used for protocol improvement and multiple purposes including listing and farming incentives on other chains. This budget approach will benefit the protocol in the long run.

  2. The farming feature was activated on the TomoChain version of LuaSwap on Tuesday, 20th April 2021. The tutorial on farming $LUA on TomoChain network was already available for users. Following this launch, the first trading competition on LuaSwap took place to welcome 6 new pairs, rounding off with impressive figures. Top winners with the highest trading volume were disclosed.

  3. LuaSwap’s farming feature on TomoChain was dissected by AltcoinBuzz and featured on CryptoDiffer. To solve the profitless farming issue due to the ever-increasing fee on the Ethereum network, LuaSwap will offer more incentives for LP with low-cost transactions and lighting speed.

  4. The appearance of $FTT and $SRM on TomoChain-based LuaSwap has brought a massive increase in liquidity and volume. With the near-zero fee paid in $TOMO, more profits are generated.

  5. LuaSwap’s exposure has recently expanded through two AMAs hosted by IM Community and Crypto Titan. TomoChain’s speakers shared the current advantages of LuaSwap along with its future goals. For those who’ve missed out on the AMAs, we have recaps to get you covered.

  6. $LUA was listed on BitKan, a cryptocurrency data, and blockchain community service provider. Users can now effortlessly trade $LUA from FTX with a BitKan Account.

  7. From now on, you’ve got a new assistant! LUA’s bot on Telegram will get you updated with instant notifications of price movements and liquidity pool changes. Set it up now!

  8. Numbers speak louder than words. LuaSwap seems to ramp up nicely throughout April with the expansion of the chain, being clearly indicated via the substantial volume on the TomoChain version. Let’s look at LuaSwap’s weekly wrap-ups!

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