Tomochain should become an Ethereum Rollup


I like Tomochain because I agree with most of the choices that were made :

  • a smart-contracts platform

  • a good network of POS Masternodes

  • a protocol enabling zero fee transactions

Yet, the growth of Tomochain is limited.

A solution would be to become an Ethereum Rollup.

Ethereum is currently facing issues with scalability, and Rollups like Arbitrum, Starkware, or Loopring become more and more popular to reduce fees and increase scalability.

There are proposals to transform several existing blockchains into Ethereum Rollups, to provide scalability and growth opportunities for both : an example

Tomochain meets the requirements to become one of the leading Rollup : a good and reliable smart-contracts platform.

Becoming an Ethereum Rollup would increase the popularity of Tomochain, and would accelerate its growth.

More, Tomochain would have an advantage because it would be the first Rollup to enable zero fee transactions.

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Interesting proposal. TomoChain is amazing, and with it’s low fees, 2s block times, and the TomoZ protocol, it should be a leader of EVM-based blockchains.

I believe TomoChain’s limited growth is largely due to accessibility. The only current options for bridging are from Ethereum and the Binance Chain that nobody uses. The bridge should be extended to support major networks such as Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche and TRON. This would hopefully encourage more developers to re-deploy their applications on TomoChain, and for users to bridge their assets to take advantage of TomoChain’s low fees.