Where did the tokens go?

Hi, I was digging through some old wallets and found some of the old ERC20 TOMO tokens.
Seems they were swapped, but most of the tokens are gone from the wallet on Tomochain, without there having been any transactions?
What am i missing here, has there been a reverse split or something?

Here is the wallet in question: Address 0xdaebf68d1853ed4f6a5521fddc33aa390ad5a432

Hi there,

You can check the link in your thread. You already sent all TOMO to another address.

Hi, thanks - that is really weird.
I see the other tx now, but it was not shown when i looked at it earlier today, and a few weeks ago.
No idea how that happens, but now at least I know where it went.

Yeah no problem.
Have a good day!