Which crypto currency/token do you think we should list on our DEXs?

I see BTC, ETH, and USDT are absolutely fine but there are many good tokens too such as Link, EOS… Also, what are the difficulties in integrating those tokens into TomoBridge?

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I think it’s best to list the top coins traded on binance future and margin such as EOS, ADA, BCH… those have large volumes that could interest many folks using TomoX

Integrating those coins is challenging because of different block interfaces and communications. For example, it’s easy to integrate LINK as TomoBridge already has USDT and ETH. However, EOS communication is entirely different. I’d prioritize BCH as it is forked of Bitcoin.

ERC20 tokens would be the best low hanging fruit to make integration easy as @azzurro has stated. Yet, still takes about a week of technical work to integrate ERC20 tokens.

ofc I’d like to see $KONG listed w/o paying the 1000 tomo fee :monkey_face:

ada,xrp,bnb,wrx ,kong thank you

Open the token bridge to all ERC20, we already have the bridge for Tether so it shouldn’t be hard to do. 0xMonero would like to move to Tomochain.

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I assume you’ve contacted the team about this?

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