I need to withdrawal my TOMO tokens because TOMO decided exchange is not working

I funded the TOMO dex exchange but I am unable to trade on that

Hi please back my tomo I don’t speak English good, I very very poor . I mistake to address , please please I am Iranian, لطفا کمک کنید من آدرس اشتباه فرستادم و تعدادی از تومو ها رو اشتباه فرستادم به آدرس دیگه لطفا برگردانید خواهش میکنم من خیلی فقیرم لطفا لطفا

Hi Iranian,

I’m so sorry for your mistake. However, if you sent your TOMO to the wrong address, your asset wouldn’t be returned. Or if it’s not your case, please clarify your question so we can better help.

Thank you,