Ledger concerns

Just want to bring over to your attention an issue that I see with storing Tomo on Ledger which I think your developers should be fixing.

Lets say Ledger has an update that prevents me from signing SEND transactions with my Ledger (it has happened to me twice in the past with other coins).

To move my TOMO, I would need to go and enter my recovery phrase.

There are 2 problems here.

  1. I may have 24 words and not 12 - I see an option for 12 words only on tomowallet
  2. I could be using a passphrase - I see NO option for me to enter my passphrase

Hence, I feel that I could be locked out of my wallet IF somehow sending through ledger is not possible due to an update.

Can you please ask your developers to add those 2 features ?

We all need to feel secure that increased levels of security, do not come with risks.

Thanks in advance.

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I strongly believe that tomochain should take care of it as there are hundreds of holders that use ledger. It’s a mandatory!

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We all need to feel secure that increased levels of security, do not come with risks.

This is an incorrect way to characterize the problem (locked out of the wallet due to TomoWallet) because there is a host of wallets that support $TOMO / Ledger combo such as Trust Wallet, MEW, Metamask etc. have you tried these?

You will always have an option to access your coin using these. TomoWallet (web) will add these features in due time.

Trust wallet has a set of words for recovery - not the passphrase option.

Metamask / MEW (if I am not mistaken) accept a private key and not a set of words (12 or 24 words ). And there is no passphrase option either.

Therefore, I dont see how someone would be able to access his TOMO on a Ledger 24 word seed using a passphrase at this point.

If adding those aspects to the wallet takes time, a CLI tool that converts a 24word seed + passphrase to a Tomo private key would also do the job. And that is common practise in our space.

Is there a CLI tool that manages this conversion of Seed + passphrase to a TOMO private key ? I can now confirm that the use of MEW or Metamask will also not help anyone retrieve their coins in a case where signing with Ledger is not possible.

Hi there, from technical standpoint, Tomo works exactly like Eth, and you can even use Eth app (on Ledger) to store Tomo (It will read Tomo as Eth but connect to the TomoChain network and display correct number). Could you let us know how do you deal with your raised issue in the case of Eth? We want to test it out using Eth. Thanks.

Hi there - if I wanted to convert my Ledger Seed + passphrase to an Eth private key, I would go offline and use something like this


Let ke know if this helps.