LIT bridge issue

Lition Bridge. I would like to convert some of my LIT to ERC20… I used bridge to convert bep2 to erc20. I have a successful transaction on binance chain , but got a metamask message saying that the transaction to my erc20 wallet failed. No idea now where my LIT are.
PLease help
The value of these ‘lost’ is about $2700 - which is money I cannot afford to lose.
I have staked these tokens in support of your project. They have depreciated in value significantly over this time.
Lition - as the operator of the bridge - has an obligation to return these tokens to me.

Hi there, we just fixed the LIT bridge. Could you do it again and let me know whether it works for you?

If it doesn’t, please share me your address. We will take a look.

Hi Alex
I will try that.
Thanks v much for your help

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I tried the bridge again but it didnt work
Just got a message on the bridge something like ’ no new transaction found’
How can you help?

Could you send me your address?



Did you have a chance to look at this?


Hi Staurt, we are looking into it. Will sort it out within a few hours. Thank you for your patience!

Hi again
Is this sorted now?
When will i have my LIT back?
Best wishes

Dear Alex

Could you please let me know when i can expect to receive my tokens.


Hi alex
Its been quite a few hours now!
I would lite to see my LIT in my wallet

Please send my tokens.
This is unacceptable treatment of the people who invested and lost money in your project.

Hi Stuart,

Sorry for the late reply. Please check your address. You received your LIT tokens. Please check and confirm.

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Thanks for your help

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