Wrapped wrapped LIT

I received some LIT and tried to Unwrap it using Tomo Bridge in IOS Tomo Wallet. Well, unwrap didn’t work because bridge said I didn’t have LIT. I tried several thing and I wrapped , my already wrapped LIT. Tomo bridge is stuck when checking the transaction.
tx id is 0xfe9f1bca391421bbe3271d8c4c77265a4aae543f3a29c233e8c8c0b55a08843f

any help or explenation what happened/what I did is welcome.

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this screen I keep seeing, doesn’t proceed to step 3

and wasn’t unwrapping it, I accidently wrapped the wrapped LIT

I see my LIT is still at the address TomoBridge send it to.
Who controls the address?

the LIT token was already wrapped, it was my mistake to choose to wrap the LIT (again). Somehow TomoBridge accepted the wrapped LIT that was in my wallet to be wrapped again. The (wrapped) LIT was send to the address Tomo Bridge (check the TX ID) but then the wallet got stuck (screenshot 1d ago). The LIT is still at the address but is just sitting there. I assume Tomo Bridge controls it and should do something with it. either (double) wrap the LIT and send to my wallet, or refuse this (double) wrap and send back the LIT to my wallet.

Did you switch between network in your meta mask wallet a few times?
Yesterday I was doing native TOMO → TOMOE and because I switched the network during the process to ETHEREUM it stopped at step 2. When I switched back to the TOMO network it continueed

thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t switch network that day of the transaction.

I switched several times now, but still the same problem. 325.8 LIT doesn’t appear anywhere… still stuck in limbo on the address

Tomoscan : Token TRC21 Holder Info

you can see there it is (now) Wrapped-ERC20 LIT

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ok, so funds are lost.

But shouldn’t the Tomo wallet app or TomoDEX refuse such action or give at least a warning? so it is more user friendly?

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