Lition Bridge Error

Hey guys, can someone help me. I use lition bridge first transaction works but next one it give me internal server error. Does this mean my fund are lost?

Bep2 to erc bridge

Binance Txhash

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Same error here, please help.

Tried bridge bep2 to erc20

Binance Transaction:

ERC Destination Address:

Thank you

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Hello everyone, we discontinue supporting the LIT bridge.

Please follow our latest updates as following:

  1. TomoChain Lab regrets to inform you that we have decided to cease our support for the Lition Blockchain project.

Details: Lition Transition and Audit Report | Lition Blockchain

  1. This decision has been taken cautiously due to various reasons, including the overall assessment of the acquired Lition blockchain project, external market circumstances, and the shifting priorities in the TomoChain Lab’s enterprise division


  1. TomoChain presents The Exclusive $LIT - $TOMO Swap Program to invite you to join #TomoChain community!

Details: The Exclusive LIT — TOMO Swap Program | by BerlinLit | Lition Blockchain | Mar, 2021 | Medium

  1. We stop supporting Lition bridges (from ETH to TomoChain and Binance Chain and vice versa).
    In order to join the swap program, please send over your total LIT balance in 01 transaction only to each designated LIT address directly on each chain as follows and fill in the form inside the below article.

  2. We continue to support unstaking from Lition Staking Pool. If you have any issue regarding to the unstaking, please fill in this form: We will support you asap.

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