Prism Network - First IDO launchpad for TOMO

Hey Fam I’m very excited to present first IDO launchpad for TomoChain.

Prism Network is an industry-first platform that brings multi-network scalability, funding initiatives, and gas-less redistribution of tokens, all under one platform via the Prism of Integrations.

Very soon we will have possibility all of us will have possibility to experience this amazing cooperation.

In the meantime i would like to invite You all to have a quick read that will definitely help to explain whole process :slight_smile:

Here u can find all information about Prism Network and Bridges with Tomochain:

You can also meet Prism Network team on our Discord channel, I reckon this will be the best place to ask questions about Project u can find there heaps of interesting informations so go and check it out :slight_smile:

Happy to be here :slight_smile:


We are super excited about working with u guys :slight_smile:
Prism is going live this week so buckle up.

Whats another amazing feature of Prism Network is that community will be able to make money with Prism by finding new projects that would like to use our Launchpad. I’m sure TomoChain community will love Prism.


Is this will be on LuaSwap?


Hey Kriptokar :slight_smile:
There is no information about listing on LuaSwap yet.

Right now all energy goes to launching Prism which will happen very soon :slight_smile:

Big marketing is coming too so it’s good time to check it out.

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Just got info… YES Prism will be on LuaSwap :slight_smile:

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Amazing news from Prism Team.

We have just finished Community Testing of our entire network and Prism is nearly ready.
We’re doing final touch on our UI and as soon as this will be finalized Prism Network will be going LIVE.
Just few days and first IDO platform for TomoChain will be ready to use :slight_smile:

Prepare for big release :slight_smile:



Guys Big News!!!

Prism launch will happen within 2 days!!!
First will be released on ETH chain and in 5-7 days TomoChain will have first IDO launchpad platform hence release of bridges.
Be prepared for a big movement since Prism will be first multi-chain platform :slight_smile:

As soon as Prism will be launched there will be possibility to use Prism to earn money by finding new projects that will use Prism launchpad.
People that will generate leads for project will be rewarded by 1% of ETH collected for the project so i know that our big community will take advantage :smiley: