What do you think about social platforms that are based on blockchain?

As you guys all know that platforms like Facebook or Tiktok are courting controversies due to their privacy scandals.

Just find out about Pantograph - one of the first SNS platforms that facilitate the Blockchain Technology. It is an effort of Bacoor Inc. to push up the mass adoption of this advanced technology. More details: https://pantograph.io/what-does-sns-mean/

What do you think about social platforms that are based on blockchain? Will these platforms be the future of SNS and replace Facebook?


Please read our article about real use cases of TomoChain blockchain technology. I think it may bring some new idea ^^

Hm… I think it might be a bit difficult for blockchain social platforms to replace Facebook. It’ll take a lot of time and adoption to overcome Mark’s greatest social platform of all times :stuck_out_tongue:

But, I strongly believe that blockchain social platforms can create a its own new era. IMO, Facebook and Instagram contains too many information, it’s like a flea market, like a chaos of information. Social platforms regarding blockchain, however, tend to keep its focus on the main subject. Users don’t have to worry about a clothing ad or any services ads pop up. These platforms tend to be more secure as well.

Actually, I wouldn’t want blockchain social means to become a second Facebook. I would want to have our own place, like a secret tunnel for those who actually cares.


Yes, TomoChain needs social media dapps. It would be great if they allowed tipping in multiple TRC21s too.

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Just in case you missed it: Pantograph allows you to tip others in any TRC-20 or TRC-21 that you want :smiley: You can tip right in the chat of the community if you want.
Let’s give Pantograph App a try :relieved: