TomoMasterDAO FAQs (Updating)

From the launch of TomoMasterDAO, there are many common questions or challenges that come up. Below are resources to help you answer these questions.

If not addressed here, please connect us via TomoMasterDAO Telegram channel.

1. Can you be more specific on the Initial Circulating supply?

The initial circulating supply comes from the IDO (4%), team provided liquidity (~1.5%), and the airdrop (8%).

2. Can you give an example for the airdrop allocation calculation?

For the airdrop allocation, there is 12% allocated in total from the tokenomic model. 8% of this is used initially with a further 4% allocated for future airdrops. Out of the initial 8% allocation, 1% goes to new community members and 7% for members who have run the network past and present. Previous users of TomoMaster get 500 tDAO, with current users getting 500 tDAO + 0.3 tDAO for every TOMO staked + a time bonus for entering the network early.

3. Who is the TomoMasterDAO Team? Is this actually the TomoMasterDAO Board with 4 community members or is it the 3 TomoMasterDAO core members from TomoChain. If they have 21% voting power straight away, it will be very hard for the rest of the community with the airdrop (12%) and IDO (4%) to win a vote if they don’t share the same view. Especially since they can farm the rewards for liquidity creation, farming, voting etc…as well.

The TomoMasterDAO Team are those who have worked to produce the TomoMasterDAO project. The 21% allocation for the team tokens are allocated to the TomoChain Lab internal team. These tokens follow a 2 year vesting schedule so will not be used for voting.

4. In the whitepaper, 21% of supply is allocated for the TomoMasterDAO team with 2 years vesting, is that vesting linear? If it is linear either monthly? Or daily? If not, how much is the monthly unlocking amount?

The team tokens are vested over a period of 2 years. The vesting period will be cliff vesting with 10% of the team tokens unlocked straight away. Then after 6 months tokens get unlocked every 3 months until all team tokens are unlocked after 2 years

5. 50% of supply is allocated for treasury, lasting for 8 years of vesting. How much each year or each month the allocation is unlocked?

The treasury is time locked for a period of 2 years. After exiting the timelock, there is 5 million tDAO per year entering the market for a period of 8 years. If more funding is required for projects this will go to a public vote and determined by the community. At the end of the 8 year period, if there are any tokens remaining the community will vote on what to do with the tokens.

6. Can you clarify the entire circulation supply inflation?

The limit is 100million tDAO tokens. After the first year there will be a maximum of 24M tDAO, then 5M tDAO per year until the supply is exhausted.

7. It’s mentioned that in some cases, TomoMasterDAO board members can take decisions, for example, even if a proposal is rejected or unaccepted, the board members have the right to control it, then how is the decentralised governance system?

The TomoMasterDAO Board doesn’t have full control over the DAO; they act as an extra layer of security. Board members are used to vet the teams applying for funding so that funds are not lost to scams. The Board does have the right to reject a proposal before it reaches the public if it doesn’t fit the criteria for TomoMasterDAO.

The board members are majority external members and they can only pass proposals that don’t reach voting quorum. Once the vote reached quorum the Board’s recommendation is no longer valid. This ensures that promising projects can still get funded even if there is a low voter turnout.

8. Do previous TomoMaster stakers get a fixed amount of airdrop tokens?

Yes, previous users only get a fixed amount of 500 tDAO

9. Who is eligible for the airdrop? Will the tDAO airdrop include TomoPool staking?

Those users that have run a masternode or staked a vote to a masternode in the past or present will be eligible for the airdrop. Users that have previously used TomoMaster but are no longer active will be eligible to receive a fixed airdrop.

TomoPool users are eligible for the tDAO airdrop. TomoPool took a snapshot at the same time as the TomoMasterDAO team. They have a separate Claim Page to the TomoMasterDAO website. You can connect your wallet and claim your airdrop.

10. What are the quotations of airdrop distribution for Masternodes and stakers?

Masternodes and stakers will be eligible for a variable amount based on two factors: the amount of tokens locked, and time spent in the network. Each user starts with a minimum amount of tokens based on their role in the ecosystem:

  • TomoMaster voters — 500 tDAO
  • Masternode owners — 2000 tDAO

Users get an extra 0.3 tDAO for every TOMO staked and then a bonus for entering the TomoChain network at an earlier stage.